Wax Melt Shots

Wax Melt Shots

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Our wax melts are handmade, super highly fragranced and very long lasting. Made from our own soy wax blend they are also suitable for vegans to use. 

One wax shot weighs around 22g and is usually the perfect amount to pop whole in your burner or melter. 

One shot will take up to 20 mins to fully melt in some warmers, more quickly in a tealight warmer. You will get over 8 hours of fragrance from one shot, often several days depending on how strong you prefer your scent.

Some melts are coloured with mica and glitter, this may have a swirling effect in your warmer this is normal, as is some scent vapour escaping from the wax. 

Always use a 2 or 4 hour tealight with a tealight warmer and allow your warmer to cool down before replacing the tealight and relighting. 8 hour tealights are too tall and could cause a major fire due to overheating.

Never leave a burner or wax warmer unattended.